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Are you looking for a simple and efficient boutique tool to manage your After-Sales & Maintenance repairs? The GoSuivi software is there to offer you rich and effective solutions!

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Rich & innovative features for your store

Rich and innovative functionalities are at our disposal in order to accompany you in the productivity of your teams.

Full Responsive Design - Point of Sale Software

Our solution is available on Computer, Tablet & Smartphone.

Business Solutions for Repair Store

Increase productivity and efficiency through better tracking with Gosuivi

Service offerings to match your brand

Offer your clients an online follow-up to know the status of their file

Innovative ideas for your success

Changing your quote ? validate it with a simple click.

Better management of your store files

The software GoSuivi gives you the possibility to follow your files in order not to miss a customer reminder

Effective client management

A contact manager is in place to help you manage all your contacts or prospects

Premium Features

Build relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners with our customer relationship management solution

Change of quote ?

Send a client order validation request by email or SMS

Subcontracting or store partnership?

Send the management of an order to a store partner with a simple click


A team ready to develop any specific request

Gosuivi Testimonials

find below some testimonials from our users

“Very useful application for my daily store, replacing my old aging software.” — Alain
Manager Dubai
“I find the GoSuivi software very easy to use, very intuitive especially for sending SMS and emails to customers. The concept is great, my customers appreciate it, it makes me more credible and more professional. No more need for flying paper for the workshop customer forms, traceability, efficiency and especially time saving in my customer management. “ — Robert C.
Manager at Connect'in Carmaux
“ I use GoSuivi for the stock, very reactive team Very well thought out and fluid application.” — Frank Chimero
Manager Directive

Why choose our store management software ?

With our solution, you benefit from a powerful tool for managing and communicating with your customers.

This software allows you to create a takeover in a few clicks with automatic email and sms sending

In addition, it is perfectly suited for repair stores in GSM telephony, computer, photo and more

Smooth and professional communication

Online repair tracking for your clients

Simple scheduling of your tasks using the predictive schedule

Simple client management software

Free after sales management software

A free trial of the management software for 15 days

A white label software

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