This software is mainly aimed at the repair trades (household appliances, TV , PHOTO, Telephony & other)

As a software editor, our tool is updated regularly with the addition of new Integrations.

GoSuivi is a software that works on all devices (Phone, Tablet, Windows & MAC PC), and thus accompanies you in remotely monitoring the activity of your employees.


You can send SMS from Gosuivi which integrates the SMSFACTOR API


Integration of centralized printing (in progress)


Integration of the email API (in progress)

Total support for your repairs and after-sales service

support on the same page

The management software allows you to enter the whole repair form in a few clicks on the same page. The customer will be created automatically as well as the product and the tasks

The statutes

The statuses allow to send automatic notifications, for example "Repair completed" will send an SMS and email to the customer to notify him that the repair is completed and his material is available in store

A synthetic view of the repair statuses allows you to see at a glance all the sendings: SMS / EMAIL or CONFIRMATION

Accessory sale

You can include in the repair form, the sale of materials to avoid entering a repair form and a sale form.

Remote quote validation

After diagnosing the problem, you will modify the assumption of responsibility to make the estimate. Before you can start the repair, you need the owner's approval.

The validation status allows you to send the quote validation request remotely, the customer clicks on the validation link and accepts or refuses the quote

A notification is sent to you and to the customer, this allows to keep a trace in case of litigation

Provisional schedule

Plan and assign your repairs to your technicians in a few clicks

Tracking repairs with Gosuivi

A QrCode is generated to directly access the tracking page

Track repairs online

Save paper and ink

Sending of the purchase order by email

Thermal printing on labels

Sending of the invoice by email

Sales & redemption module VAT on margin

Sales module

The sales module allows you to enter a sale in a few clicks

Repurchase of VAT on margin.


Invoicing Standard NF525

Accounting exports

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